Glitter Gala Interns: The brains behind the fashion show

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 30, 2014

Since 2006, Seattle Goodwill has been putting on the Glitter Gala as our major fundraising event.  Every year, models hit the runway wearing creations made of donated goods and put on a spectacular show for attendees. 

This year, the fashion show theme is “Reinventing the Future” and it will take you through decades of fashion from the 1900s through the illusive future. The outfits will be a mixture of vintage and modern styles—and will take you on a journey through the invention and reinvention of fashion.

The theme taps into the idea that is pervasive throughout our organization: not only do many people buy items from our stores and refashion them into something new, but our students reinvent their future through our programs.  They take the knowledge and experience that they have, build upon it and gain new knowledge and experiences, and essentially reshape their future.

What you may not think about, as you’re being dazzled by the display of costumes and couture, are the people behind the meticulously designed outfit: Sonya and Jenn, our two Glitter Gala fashion show interns. They’re both seniors at Cornish College of the Arts, and will be graduating in the spring having studied Costume Design. Together, with the help of our Events Assistant & Vintage Coordinator, Kim Tepe, they are going to tell the story of reinvention through decades of fashion and costumes. “We’ve really been able to build where the design focus could go,” Sonya said, “to take the ‘Reinventing the Future’ theme and run with it.”

Sonya and Jenn are working hard to create a narrative array of outfits that transition from yesteryear through forthcoming fashion. “We didn’t really need to build the transitions between eras much—they happen so naturally,” said Jenn.  “The colors transition very well.” In talking about the future segment of the fashion show, Sonya summed up what you can expect at the Glitter Gala on November 1st, “We want the future to be ethereal, romanticized—it can be undefined because it’s just an idea. We want the potential to be anything—but we want it to remain a dream, because when you get there, it’s not the future anymore.”

Stay tuned on our blog for individual profiles of Sonya and Jenn and more Glitter Gala info—and we look forward to seeing you there! For more information about purchasing tickets:

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Fall Preview: Upcoming sales, events, and contests!

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 23, 2014

While it’s still warm and sunny out—there’s this unavoidable “this is fall” feeling once the month changes to September. While we do love all things summer at Seattle Goodwill, the fall season is exceptionally exciting for us! It is packed with some of our favorite events, some excellent sales, a few new contests this year—and of course, Halloween. Take a look at some of the awesome things we have on deck for the next few months!

Join us Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th at our Mount Vernon store for our Biker Days Sale that features leather biker gear, boots, helmets, accessories, and more! Whether you ride a cruiser, a sport bike, a touring bike, or a scooter—join us this weekend in Mount Vernon!

It’s officially fall—which means snow is soon to fall in the mountains, slopes will open, and you’ll be packing up the car on the weekends to head eastward. Get the gear you need for a smooth and safe ride this fall and winter at our Snow Sports Sale at our Monroe Store! Find skis, snowboards, clothing, gear, accessories—and more—Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th

Starting September 1, City Arts is presenting two different contests that focus on Goodwill fashion. The Style Remix Challenge will run through September 30th, and invites entrants to create three unique outfits from items purchased from any Seattle Goodwill store, and submit them for the chance to win a spread in their November issue and a $100 Goodwill gift card. The #IGotItAtGoodwill contest invites entrants to put on their latest Goodwill find, snap a shot, and post it to Instagram to get a chance at winning weekly prizes now through Nombember 30th. 

At Goodwill, there are few things we love more than Halloween. Our stores become havens for the do-it-yourself costume hunters, and we even have a selection of new Halloween costume pieces. Visit our stores and talk to one of our Costume Consultants! Because we love Halloween SO much, we’ll run twice daily giveaways on social media for two weeks leading up to Halloween—and host a costume contest that allows you to show of your contest, and enter to win some amazing prizes while you’re at it!

Join us November 1st at the Sheraton Seattle for our 7th annual Glitter Gala! This is our biggest (and perhaps most fun) fundraising event each year—and the proceeds go directly to our job training and education programs. Come out for an incredible night with silent auctions and a fashion show—and support our mission while you’re at it.

This is our biggest sale of the year! November 8th and 9th will be our 31st annual Glitter Sale! Peruse hand-picked racks of designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry—without the price tag of designer stores. Doors will open at 9:00 am, and there’s sure to be an excited crowd waiting to get in!

This holiday season, we’re excited to see your crafted table centerpieces, decor, gifts, and more! Stay tuned for more information about our #HolidayDIY Instagram contest! Start thinking about those crafted projects—and if you’re starting early, be sure to take some before and after photos!

This year after our Glitter Sale, we’re following up with an online version—our first ever Sparkle Sale! Shop jewelry and accessories in our online storefronts at and eBay for that perfect piece of sparkle for your holiday party outfits, or to wrap up and give to a loved one. The sale will last from November 17th until December 10th. We’ll also have a special selection for Cyber Monday!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep updated on all of our upcoming sales, contests, and events!

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The Demure Muse: An Interview with Katrina

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
September 16, 2014

Katrina, of the Demure Muse, is originally from Toronto and recently moved to the Pacific Northwest for work.  She started the Demure Muse blog as a creative outlet from her day job and now posts about her inspiration, do-it-yourself projects, and personal style.  She talks with us about some of her favorite thrift finds.

How would you define your style? 
My style is a mix of menswear inspired with edgy finishes. I really enjoy simple silhouettes with unexpected accessorizing.

You are from Canada. Is there a difference between style in Toronto and in the Northwest?
Most definitely! I feel like PNW style is much more relaxed and anything goes. It's probably most evident on a night out around the town. I would've never been able to go out in a pair of comfy flats and a t-shirt back in Toronto, where the expectation is to get dolled up. Don't get me wrong-- it's still fun to get dolled up from time to time, but it's nice to be able to go out in comfy clothes and still have an awesome time. 

How did you start thrift shopping?
I grew up thrifting with one of my favorite people in this world, my grandma. Growing up, I would spend at least a week of my summer vacation with my grandparents. On our way to the fresh vegetable markets (which is one of the top things I miss the most about Toronto, to this day), we would pass by a Goodwill and always stop in to see what goodies were being rotated on the racks. My favorite find for her was this beautiful pastel-colored silk-like jacket with a watercolor pattern. It's been more than a decade since we thrifted that together and it's still in her closet! 

What is your favorite thrift find?
My favorite thrift find has to be a vintage Coach stewardess cross-body bag. I had been eyeing these bags online for the longest time, but a new one just wasn't in my budget. I found a vintage one in perfect condition (and at 10% of the price of a new one) and quickly added it to my bag collection. It was the first thing that caught my eye on my first visit to the SLU (South Lake Union) Goodwill location. Since that find, the SLU location has become my favorite for finding hidden gems between the racks.

What is a wardrobe basic for you?
I'm all about the accessories, which I think make or break an outfit. I'd have to say a perfectly-fitted white t-shirt is a wardrobe basic MUST!

You highlight some DIY on your blog. Do you ever shop at Goodwill for projects?
I do! Goodwill is perfect for finding supplies for DIY projects. I usually get inspired by the things that I find between the hangers while thrifting and that's how the project ideas are born. Plus, the prices are perfect for trial and error projects. I've definitely had a handful of clothing reconstructions go awry and didn't feel too bad about it because the materials would've cost at least double the price elsewhere. 

You post fashion and some DIY on your blog. Why kind of feedback do you receive from your readers and does it shape your style at all?
With a limited clothing budget, I like to get creative and DIY a lot of pieces that I feel will be one-off, non-basics, for trends that I'm currently lusting over but know will not become long-term pieces in my wardrobe. I think my readers have similar budget constraints and we often trade ideas over the DIYs posted. It's always fun to learn about how similar (or not) I am to those who come to read the DIYs.

I originally started my blog as a way to document all the nifty places I visited when first moving to Seattle. At the time, I was reading a lot of style blogs and decided to participate in Kendi Everyday's 30x30 remix (taking 30 pieces, including shoes, and creating 30 outfits). It was a really nerve wracking experience to post outfits because I felt like I didn't have a particularly special opinion when it came to clothes. I still don't feel like I do, to be honest. It's been a learning experience to find out what works and what doesn't for me and I love the fact that the blogging community is as inclusive and supportive as it is!

Who inspires you?
I think after being a blog reader for a while, I would have to say the other women whose blogs that I read are some of the most inspiring. It's so interesting to hear about the balance they find in their lives while also sharing style advice and how much fashion plays into their day-to-day lives. 

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Manager Profile: Marcus McCoy, Manager of Goodwill on the Ave

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 5, 2014

Nestled into the north end of “the Ave” in the U-District, is a Goodwill store that reflects the youthfulness of the neighborhood.  In charge of that store is a man who is community focused and firmly supports the Seattle Goodwill mission: Marcus McCoy

Marcus grew up in a small town in north central Washington, “It was super exciting to leave when I was a kid, only to wish that I had stayed. You don’t realize the beauty of somewhere until you leave.” From there, he moved onto Spokane, where he owned a successful café with his partner—and after a number of years running the café, he came to Seattle, where he worked for local companies.

“My job was not really mission-based.” He said, “I found myself being successful, but kind of hollow at the end of the day. I had made a promise to myself that by the time I was forty, if I wasn’t in a fulfilling job, I’d need to find something else to do. So when my birthday rolled around, and I wasn’t satisfied with my job, I quit and took six months off.” When Marcus learned that Seattle Goodwill was opening a store in South Lake Union (SLU), he applied. He came on with the opening crew for the SLU store—and most recently was promoted to manager of the U-District store.

When asked about how his store maintains a unique vibe, he said, “It’s very boardwalk—especially with the doors open and the music up. Lots of people tumble through—and not just students. One exciting part of the Ave is that it’s a community I remember from when I was college-aged.”

More than just loving his specific store, though—Marcus is fully on board with the vision of Seattle Goodwill. “I’ve never had a more rewarding job.  And at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that we’re helping people get jobs.”

Outside of work, you’ll find Marcus spending time with friends and family. “Honestly, spending time with my partner Chris is all I really do. He works at the Capitol Hill store now—and in his last career we hardly saw each other. I love doing anything with him—and friends, and family. We like video games, classic movies, and classic sci-fi films. We live in South Lake Union, and love experiencing that neighborhood.”

Next time you’re up on the Ave, stop by Goodwill, peruse the racks, and say hi to Marcus!

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Hello Rigby: Interview with Jenn Haskins

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
September 2, 2014

Jenn Haskins writes about her favorite experiences on her blog Hello Rigby. She is slightly obsessed with her fox dog, Rigby (who inspired the name for her blog) and fashion. Jenn has a passion for thrift so she filled us in on some of her recent treasures and tips.

How did you start blogging and what kind of feedback do you receive from your readers?
I started blogging last September! Since I post about fashion as well as other topics like life, things to do around Seattle, and sometimes what I'm reading or beauty, I get all sorts of feedback! I think my favorite is when my readers and I connect on my blog and continue the conversation via email or on social media, especially Twitter. I've been able to make some great friends that way!

Why is fashion important to you?
Fashion is important to me because it’s probably the quickest way to represent, visually, your creative side when someone meets you! I enjoy expressing myself through what I wear. 

When did you start shopping at Goodwill?
That’s a good question, I think I’ve shopped at Goodwill for as long as I can remember! My mom is really into quilting, so we would often stop at thrift stores to check to see if they had any vintage quilts when I was a child.

What is your favorite thrift find?
My favorite thrift find was a brand new, with tags still on, Cynthia Rowley scuba dress for $15! I couldn’t believe my luck that it was my size, too!

What did you think of the Capitol Hill store that just opened in May?
I loved shopping it! I was so pleased that the Capitol Hill store has its own parking lot, and it was chock full of so many awesome goodies! I can’t wait to go back.

Do you have any tips for someone that is new to thrift shopping?
I think the biggest thing I have learned is to not be stuck to your “normal” size rack. Exploration is key, and vintage sizes tend to be a lot different than modern sizes. I found the dress I mentioned above in extra large section, even though it was actually a small!

How do you define Northwest style?
I think Northwest style is a lot about comfort - I think we tend to gravitate towards items that can withstand most any weather (rain or shine!) and can be layered or mixed and matched. 

You mentioned that you are inspired by other bloggers – which ones do you read on a regular basis?
Oh my gosh, I read SO many! I’ll try to narrow this down, but my top favorites (in no particular order) are Keiko Lynn, Selective Potential, Kendi Everyday, Corals + Cognacs, Atlantic-Pacific, WishWishWish, and Penny Pincher Fashion.

What trends are you looking forward to for fall?
I am so excited to bring out the boots and cozy fall sweaters! I also am looking forward to all the colors of fall, like oxblood, mustard, and cognac.

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